Turns out it’s a Motad system. Aftermarket stainless, but on the cheaper side of things. Had a go at making one that’s a little less shit.

Two little sections of pipe the same width as the primaries, cut at an angle so they just meet each other. Bit fiddly, but overall not a great deal of work.

All welded up :) not particularly pretty, but hell i’m not selling the thing. Here’s the inside. So much better it’s not even a contest, and this is just my amateur efforts!


I’ll debur it and perhaps clean up the inside somewhat with a dremel if i can find a bit that isn’t made of butter.

My brake light also came in the post so i chopped up the rear frame a little to integrate it nicely :) bugger to weld and a lot of grinding with aforementioned butter-dremel. Worked quite nicely though :)


Oh, and i’ve got the swing arm dismantled too. Working on bikes is easy!

Work time: lost count now. Maybe 2 days? 3?