If there are two brands that really need US buyers to believe everyone is buying their cars, it’s Hyundai and Kia. But between the two brands, they offer a total of five CUVs (Tucson, Sportage, Santa Fe Sport, Sorento, Santa Fe XL). How can brands selling two or three CUVs be the 6th and 7th highest volume brands in the US right in between Jeep and Subaru? On top of that, out of the over 20 passenger cars between the two brands, how many offer AWD? I can only think of the Genesis Sedan with the 3.8L. Considering everyone is buying CUVs and love AWD vehicles, I’m a bit skeptical. The incentives are identical to the American brands and the two Korean brands aren’t sporty enough to warrant the poor fuel economy, nor efficient enough to make up for the lack of sporty handling. So what’s up?