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Do you think non-autonomous cars will ever be banned in our lifetimes?

I was reading the story on FP, Bob Lutz and big daddy PG think that in a few decades the guberment will ban non-autonomous cars.

I just don’t see how that would happen within a 100 years for a lot of reasons.

  1. Cost of autonomous cars. As people have pointed out in the comments, even Uber rides are still subsides. So it’s not likely everyone will get by on autonomous Ubers anytime soon. And most people won’t be able to buy, lease, etc an autonomous car for a while.
  2. The government giving enough of a shit to bother banning non-autonomous cars. I doubt any one in Washington really gives two shits either way about autonomous cars. So I doubt any politican would go out of their way to ban non-autonomous cars.
  3. Not to mention the whole infrastructure thing. Not just the roads and shit, but how all the cars are going to need some kind of GPS, cell, or other signal. That shit’s not free.  
  4. If the idea of banning non-autonomous cars did get traction. $1,000 says there would be a case taken to the supreme court that would rule otherwise. Because forcing everyone to use ride sharing and autonomous cars would be a violation of privacy or something (at least in ‘Merica!)

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