So as some of you may have seen on the FP the other day, I used an excel spread sheet to track all my car related costs. I use it to track everything, fuel economy, maintenance costs, and payments. I figured it was the best way to keep track of all my data. I would also know exactly how much it costs me to drive it, plus graphs.

As you can see, my fuel economy varies, which is to be expected. There are some variances due to external factors like pumps, but for the most part I’ve gotten between 25 and 28 MPGs per tank.

I do the math, I don’t believe what the car tells me, as I’ve found out before, it’s not accurate. In order to get this data, I get a recipt every time and write my mileage on the top. I reset my trip odometer every fill up; that’s pretty much a force of habit now as I’ve been doing it ever since I was 16.


On that note, you know how many pumps don’t give you a receipt? A lot. It’s really annoying and I have to go inside to get a receipt.

I use my spread sheet for more than just fuel.

Payments made



All of this gives me what I really want to know, what it costs per mile to drive my car. However, do to this I save everything.


I have every fuel receipt, minus one because the clerk was extremely incompetent, after 2 reprints of the wrong receipt I gave up and took a picture of the pump’s screen and my trip odometer.

For those who now realize my name is James:


Now what does all this data tell me?

It costs me $0.36/mile to drive, minus insurance.

So, do you track your car costs and how? Do you nerd out like I do, or do you not track it?