Because that’s how you intercool!

Replaced the sill ass stock side-mount intercoolers, and the related silly ass tiny intake path tubes, with an ATM FMIC this weekend. You know it’s going to be good when the instructions for the FMIC include as part of the directions “remove stock intercooler piping. Laugh at it.”

God, the boost build so much quicker now. I think, despite the volume of the intercooler itself being almost twice what the stock SMICs, the totaly volume of the turbo to intake tract has been reduced close to 40%.

So what it one to do with all that new open space? Why, CAI of course!


Oh god, the glorious noises emanating from this thing are nearly orgasmic. So mush whoosh and pssssssss and psh! I love it.

But wait! There’s another space on the other side that has been vacated? Well, I just happen to have something for that spot, too!


F$#@ you might-as-well-not-be-there stock horn. Have some Supertones!

It was a good weekend, but the best part of the whole thing was my 2-year old son coming out, seeing his favorite toy car in pieces, and saying, serious as day “Daddy broke the car.” and proceeding to hand me tools to help fix it.


I dad so hard.