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I was chatting with ttyymmnn about this program I ran across called Musescore. It’s a pretty impressive full-featured application for writing, transposing, and scoring music. It’s festooned with all kinds of templates for symphonic, jazz, big band, marching band, etc. compositions, and changes propagate through the entire project when you make them on a part. There is so much there, and the amazing thing is it is fully functional donation ware. Not even crippleware or trial, fully capable for free.

I am no composer, just an amateur musician through high school and college, but I can tell you that I could have used something like this to transpose parts for my section or myself, especially when I was playing other parts in three different clefs (essentially transposing in my head) that were written for other instruments, or to splice bits together. Stuff that had to all be done by hand when I was young can now be done for free and look professional.


Ttyymmnn points out that there are more expensive and likely more sophiticated packages that form the industry standard, like Finale, which he uses. But just like there are cheaper Photoshop alternatives for those of us who aren’t graphic designers that can afford an Adobe subscription, this brings creativity close to the masses. It’s just an awesome example of how technology brings the arts closer to us common folk and makes it easier to enrich our lives.


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