But if you want a ride, be prepared to shell out some good old US American dollars.

One of only two airworthy Boeing B-29 Superfortresses flying today, Doc took its second first flight in 2016 after a lengthy restoration. Since then, the sleek silver bomber has appeared on the air show circuit, but the FAA only allowed mission-critical flight crew on board. However, a recent decision by the aviation governing body will allow passengers to fly on the iconic WWII and Korean War bomber for the first time at the Heavy Bombers Weekend in Madison, WI. Passengers will learn about the history of the Superfortress and take part in a simulated mission briefing. Prices for the 30-minute flight start $600 for one of six seats in the rear of the aircraft, while $1,500 gets you a seat up front in the bombardier’s position. The money raised by these flights will go towards the continued restoration and maintenance of this flying piece of history.