As you may have been following, a job change has been in the cards for a while, I just couldn’t quite find the right one... After light negotiation, I signed the offer letter and will be starting on April 15th, or at my earliest convenience.

Giving my current employer a typical friendly commonwealth gesture as I leave the train wreck.

I have been pretty miserable the last 6+ months there, so this really shouldn’t surprise anyone there. Everyone in my personal life has been dissing them and harsh toward me for being associated with them. It has also devolved into the purgatory of primarily maintaining a handful of things that are delicate through no fault of my own. Humorously, there was light at the end of the tunnel in the form of signing a deal with the devil (a single small vendor that cannot be readily replaced, putting us in the ugly position of having to be able to acquire them hastily should they go tits up), though it would alleviate my pain. Not to mention the fact that the company is small, subject to the whims of the economy, hasn’t turned a profit since before I started, and is dependent on a company that is totally inaccessible to the team. That very company just randomly failed to order anything a couple weeks ago with no explanation or forewarning, sending a shock through the business community that depends on them. I was so spooked and despondent for days that I had to do something, even if it was ridiculously half-assed, which it was...

I didn’t even bother to put together an actual resume; I slapped in some existing text in random formats for my last two positions and hastily wrote a crap description of my current one. I simply didn’t bother to include anything beyond that because it was too complicated and decided that there was no point in even including my education because it lets them know I’m an old codger, doesn’t directly apply, and could only distract them. I then slapped together the most half-assed cover letter of my life, for which I’m absolutely ashamed. When I re-read it later, I saw that I just trailed off with no conclusion whatsoever for the first bullet point. The entire process took about 15 minutes and I didn’t exactly have high hopes to begin with, so why try? In fact, I couldn’t say I knew anything about 2/3 of the stuff on there, just vaguely linking a few points to concrete work I’ve done with related concepts... A few days later I get a message and schedule a call, where after about a 15-20 minute call I’m pretty sure I’ve botched it. I hear nothing for 4 days.

Then, there I am in the passport acceptance office with the baby and my wife, which is a white painted cinder block room with a desk in the middle over which a guy was yelling at a pair of people that either were hard of hearing or didn’t speak much English. People were backing up. We had an appointment, but it wasn’t for a couple minutes... Then my phone rings. Based on the number, it’s 9-1 odds that it’s one of those scam robo calls, but the remainder is that it is the guy I spoke to before. So I pick up but can’t even hear them over the yelling, plus it’s a freaking faraday cage of rebar in there, so I step outside, have a curt exchange with him, and rush back in to barely make it in time for the appointment.


I was confused by the call - the guy had goofed up once before on scheduling, so I thought he had scheduled the interview for five minutes ago (definitely did not recall that being mentioned prior, in fact I was surprised to hear from him at all), so we had some text exchanges. I didn’t even realize it was scheduled for Tuesday of this week until Monday. Yeesh.

That interview went well, surprisingly, though she was just as in the dark about me as I was about the job (I figured it was cohesive in some context that I didn’t understand, but it was actually a mix of accurate and painfully inaccurate). We spoke for an hour.


He gets back to me Tuesday afternoon saying that she was impressed and wants to work with me; he’ll call Wednesday to hash out numbers and get me an offer letter.

What a whirlwind. I still don’t understand why they called me back based on all those blunders, but I really look forward to developing prototypes/proof-of-concepts in an R&D lab with embedded devices again. It’s definitely my favorite type of work...


Now to break it to my current employer/team that I’ll be moving on. It’ll be bittersweet and I’ll probably do it Monday.