Dodge had one last try before the K-car saved their over-salted nastybacon. Built to be affordable and efficient it was thirsty and cheap! My dad had one as a company car and got 13mpg out of that 225 slant-6. Now the nameplate is re-animated into an SUV. All I can think of is this green P.O.S. I used to ride in as a kid.

During a business overnight, I was picked up at the airport by the hotel van, driven by a guy who happens to own one of the new shiny expensive leathered out Aspen Suv's. He said it's his favorite car and he's gonna keep it forever. I then told him about dad's late 70's aspen sedan as it was the old Dodge nameplate and how thirsty and crap it was and how on three different occasions it tried to kill us all because it was made so poorly in the day. His response:

"Mine's got a five point seven liter HEMI!" And he was all serious about it too.

Yeah...that makes total sense in the conversation about a shitty 70's malaisemobile. I realized that was it. He wasn't gettin' it and wouldn't. I wonder if I can get out of unwanted conversations like that-say something totally unrelated and mean it and move on as if I said the greatest the world.