First they took away the Plymouth Voyager, and we said nothing. They came for the SWB Caravan, and we didn’t notice. They came for the Routan and we said, “Those are still in showrooms?”

Now they come for the Dodge Grand Caravan and we said... well.. nothing.…

Chrysler isn’t killing off the minivan. It appears that a refresh is due in the next year or so, and it’s only going to wear one badge - the Town & Country.

For those that ever grew up, learned to drive, or have any memories that are made up of the Dodge Caravan, join me and pour out some juice box for the passing of the model name that lasted 31 years. Peace out, Caravan.


What Caravan memories do we have?

Do we dare take a guess at what the refreshed 2017 Town&Country will be? Minivan Crossover?