Dodge Challenger Demon's are still commanding 6 figures

But a few take the cake. From what I saw from searching the few on sale locally, you cant find a Demon for sale in Southern California for under $110k. And they all have low miles like they either weren’t driven, or they sat on dealer lots so long they have to be listed as used now. One local dealer however is hoping some idiot pays high end sports car money. For a Dodge.


This Demon pictured, is for sale at a local Dodge dealer in Anaheim called McPeeks Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram. I never even heard of them. Anyway, they have this showroom floor centerpiece Demon, a 2018 with 1,077 miles, for....$149,90o. That’s insane. But this isn’t even the priciest one I found for sale in the country.

Head to the east coast and prices only go up. One dealer in Sarasota Florida is selling a collection of 5 Demons for $625k. Who would buy 5 of them and what for? All are reported to be pretty new: the blue one has 13 miles; the Plum Crazy has 22; the white has 201; green has 16. Also no test drives either.


The highest individual Demon for sale though? (the one listed above is 5th highest) Its this 2018 Demon listed for sale at Larry Roesch Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram. Supposedly it has only 11 miles on it. But they want $165k for it. $165k! This price is all manor of drug pipes.

When will Demon prices go down? When a new gen comes out? When people get some sense and realize this vehicle is old school in the best and worst sense? Who knows. They might even go up because of the collectors that bought them and only bring them out on the weekends or for slow drives down to the local C&C. But if you have the means, don’t enable these places to inflate these prices by paying them. Even though the Demon was impressive, better cars can be had for this money. Especially cars that aren’t just fast on a drag strip or in a straight line.

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