Dodge Challenger Hellcat review.

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Sadly, this is not the picture of the same car, because I can not figure out how to get the photos onto my laptop but here is a link to the the exact car I am writing about


When you were in school you remember the kid who never fit in, the kid who never listened, the kid who never conformed? Of course you do, I am reviewing the automotive equivalent of the nonconforming kid, the Dodge Challenger Srt Hellcat. While today’s muscle cars are light cars designed to fight the Europeans that handle great and are super track cars, there is one car that said “I am not a lightweight Camaro z/28" I will be a brutally fast, boxy, heavy car with crazy horsepower. This car is called the Challenger Hellcat. Lets start with interior, I believe that this car has comfortable seats that are nicely supported, and being a wheaty guy myself who doesn’t fit the hellcat demographic the seats were a tad large for my size but comfortable. The interiors quality could be a bit better as far as the faux carbon fiber and quality of the buttons go. I am very impressed with the Uconnect system as it is often regarded as the best in the business.


So how is the exterior? I personally like the look, it isn’t sleek nor streamlined but it is old school muscle, I think the look suits the car well as it is a big car with a big engine. I mean everything on this car is huge, literally everything from the wheels to the Brembo brakes are huge.

How is it to drive? The hellcat becomes a lesson in self control due to the excessive power of this car, as you are driving along city streets it does fine cruising along, but you are holding this car back a lot. It feels fine on a twisty road, for a car that weighs over 4,000 pounds the steering is surprisingly good and accurate. When you hit a straight spot you have to plan carefully and lay on the power so you don’t wreck it. Acceleration in this car is physics defying, you are cruising along and you press the accelerator and you are put back in your seat and hurled to 60 while the supercharger whines up the rpms. It is freaking fast. Words cannot describe how crazy this car is to drive, you have to truly respect this car.


I love the Hellcat, I really do, I prefer German engineering but you know why I love this one? Because it shows that there are some engineers willing to think outside of the box and push the limits. This is a car that fits its demographic perfectly by providing unparalleled thrills at a bargain price to people who want to go fast, really fast.

(I hope this is good enough that I get shared to Jalopnik)

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