So after all the replies basically told me I was basically an idiot if I didnt do it I reached out to the misses. In less than 10 lines in an email I told her what the deal was. She replied with ‚Äúlets go talk to a dealer this weekend if theres one in stock you like, get it.‚ÄĚ Wait what? I did not expect that! Damn thats awesome!

Thats when I think the universe miss understood my desire for a challenger to mean I was looking for a challenge. I shit you not less than 5 min later I was fired. Over what? Basically some one who has no idea what we do complained i was taking too long to resolve a complex issue asked for the case to be reaaaigned and that I never handel their work again. Never mind i was on the case because all other techs had no idea how to resolve it or even start ro resolve it. They were also our 3rd largest client.. I hate my slef and my life soo much right now.

Its been a hard year for me. I was bought out from a job i started last year vecause they hired an engineer but wanted a helpdesk robot. I left a good stable job for that position. I went 5 months with out work before starting this job in February.

On top of that me and the fiancee have been having hard times in our relationship, we’ve been going to therapy and been doing really well. Love is hard but our love is worth fighting for, we just nees to learn to communicate and I nees to learn how to be a husband. My father was never really there for me and never showed me what it means to be a man. I dont mean in the sense that a real man does (insert stupid Manley thing here). I mean how to be a husband and a father and a good member of society. He’s a selfish, manipulative, lying peice of shit. My whole life he’s always found people to take advantage of, to use for his own gain. He lies about everything and never takes accountability. He also never worked. When tou hear republicans talk about dead beats that abuse the system, thats my father they are talking about.


Which leads me to how my year has sucked. In march he was arrested, first for child porn and later for.. look fill in the blanks i dont want too.. long story short he’s going away for a long time and its been really hard on the family that even still cared about him.

At this point I feel gutted. Im just soo emotionally burned out and lost feeling. I dont know who I am, who I wanted to be or how to get there. Im worried my life is only about to get worse and I can only hope my relationship can survive this. I’m genuinely am scared for my self and future.


I just wanted a awd 2 door barge.. i didnt want this kind of challenger..