So I noticed something today that may or may not be cause for alarm. When giving full throttle and releasing the clutch in 1st or 2nd, there’s a squealing noise. I can hear it with the windows down or up, so it’s there.

Again, no, this isn’t the BPV venting on a shift or when coming off throttle. It may just be hitting max boost and venting the rest, but the BPV doesn’t exist in the truck and I may be thinking about the Volvo right now. However I do notice some white smoke coming from the back and some long dark spots get left on the pavement when this happens.

Am I just being paranoid? I’ve had two things go wrong with this truck since buying it, and I’m starting to consider if I might have accidentally parked on a Chipotle burrito or something.

Shameless parody of this here.