Dodge Dart Design Flaws - Speedos and Visors

I have a Dodge Dart as a rental car right now, and a couple this have been getting on my nerves. Its mainly design flaws that could easily have been fixed.

First up is the digital speedometer. Always a nice bonus feature to have as an option on the dash display. Except the designers couldn't get the spacing of the digits correct. Every time the last digit is a 1, the first digits shifts over a few pixels because the 1 isn't as wide as the other number. So going from 30 to 31 mph the 3 moves over a bit. Same thing happens to a lesser extent when a 4 is the last digit. This is just poor attention to detail, and an annoying movement on the dash that gets my attention.


Next up is the sun visor latch. Every car I can think of has a one piece latch the visor snaps into. Basically fail proof.

But Dodge came up with a latch, and then a cover to go around the latch. And just guess what happens. There is enough of a gap between the two that while attempting to push the visor into the latch, you can instead land in the gap and just snap off the cover. And this is what happened the first time I used the visor. (above are the unbroken passenger latch, and the now broken drivers side cover)

And yes this are nit picky things, but they should have never made it into a modern production car.

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