What’s everyone’s guess on the name tag on the tool box included with the Dodge Demon? As Dodge has stated they will leave “easter egg” clues throughout their videos, many are guessing at some of the numbers from the last video.

The 0757 number has people guessing if this will perhaps be the updated HP rating for the Hellcat version. Since the Hellcat engine has 3 years under its belt at 707hp, some are guessing an extra 50hp is due for next year.

Also the second set of numbers some are wondering if it has to do with 1/4 mile times. The Hellcat is already in the 11 second range so this is not a number to get excited by...


Also skinnies included in the toolbox are leading some people to rule out an AWD system. With the Challenger ADR already equipped with AWD it seems most of the R&D is done and would just need to be ‘beefed up’ to handle the increased power.

What’s your guys thoughts on the last video and the latest debated specs? Comment below!

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