Here is a stock Demon on 91 octane incinerating the 1/8th mile in 6.8 secs @ 102 mph. Camaro SS for scale.

Basically, taking a Demon off the showroom and straight to the strip will give you a car that can pass an S-P100D over the 1/8th but not enough to take on a 918 or 720S (at all really). You’ll definitely need the PCM and big boy fuel if you pick fights with cars touching the 10 sec line on the 1/4 mile. Hey, but you might survive leaving the skinnies in the crate (except against LaFerraris, Chirons, Concept Ones, the usual suspects).

**Update: Found a full video. There was a 6.6 sec run @ 104 mph against a Hellcat in this one.