Look at the grill shape. The SRTs emphasize a low trapzoid rather than a split that makes the front end look like two bowls/mugs stacked up.

Ever since RAM and SRT were spun off we knew Dodge would have a hard time finding new branding. Their trademark logo was the Ram head for many years and all Dodges wore the split crosshair grille. But of course RAM took both signatures with them. Then there was the issue of Dodge being marketed as a traditional ‘Murican muscle car brand...until you noticed it’s the SRT models that really move that marketing. Dodge was in a Chrysler/Lancia style pickle. Thankfully SRT was rolled back into Dodge (Mercedes-AMG, I’m hoping you noted this), and is saving Dodge’s ass like it’s needed for a Grand Canyon Tour.

Now you may have noticed the crosshairs are still present, but the SRT front fascia is gradually working its way across the lineup. The Challenger rarely ever wore the signature grille, most of the Charger lineup avoids it, and the Durango is set to make the switch starting with the upcoming SRT version.

The Dart is done, Grand Caravan is dying, and Journey will definitely be replaced because Canada appreciates the it enough to never go their Separate Ways. Eventually, no Dodge models will carry the most well known design signature in the brand’s history and the way this is being handled should be inside a textbook. I mean serious, no one is freaking out! Contrast this to reactions over the Rebel and Laramie grilles for RAM, which may have allowed Dodge to keep the signature design had reception been warmer in the “put a steak on for them,” way instead of the “put them on the stakes” kind of way. When everything is at stake, you want to release something hot afterall.



Nissan is trying to do something very similar with the Nismo red trim and name which is why you will notice that you need a Nismo RS model in order to get a true entry-level Nismo vehicle. But when you look at the way Dodge is handling SRT compared to Nissan with Nismo (or  BMW with M and Mercedes with AMG), you’ll see that Dodge is REALLY doing this right. So right in fact it’s seriously WAY out of character for FCA and even more out of character for Chrysler!!

Goodbye Dodge crosshairs, your departure from the brand may not be noticed in the present but it will be missed in hindsight.


*cough* Better on the trucks anyways *cough*