So the last Rampage link I was looking into kinda fell through. Good price but it needs a significant amount of work and then another inspection. So the overall price for it get registered would be easily over $4500. And that’s if the seller is being totally honest... and I kinda have my doubts... I’ve kinda dragged info out of him. So to save myself some hassle I’ve moved on from that vehicle. I really liked the all red, but things like broken engine mount bolts and lights not working lets me know there’s some gremlins in there.

So I’ve got a hold of the owner of this beauty:

Exterior is boring silver but that’s okay. Interior is still red! One of the fenders is a little rusted, the tires have tread but are physically old, and the cruise control may or may not work (probably a leaky vac line). And that is the sum total of all the problems for a 34 year-old trucklette! No leaks, handles well, tracks straight, no crashes (at least under his stewardship, running a VIN that old isn’t gonna do me much good). Battery is only a year old (put on tender over winter) and he flushed the coolant every two years and it’s never tested bad. He took it out for a spin last weekend in the +33 deg weather and it didn’t get hot and it comes with a block heater.


Tires for 14" wheels will be cheap as hell, I can fix the vac leak or swap the parts out (and not even crucial), and the rust can wait until maybe next year and I’ll just have the entire thing re-painted and DEFINITELY re-stickered. Going to go check it out next long weekend. I might ride my Husky up there and then can throw it in the back for the drive back. Only has an AM radio so some tunes will be in order. Have to see if I can source the period correct cassette deck for this puppy.

Owner sounds like a nice old guy who’s only used this thing to putz in and out of town when up at his cabin. Previous owner was a nice old lady artist who used to stuff her paintings in the back under the tonneau cover. He and his wife are selling the cabin and are downsizing the fleet. He also owned a Ford Lightning and a Corvette, as well as 2 ATVs, and two motorcycles which he’s introduced to owners.


He seems happy with $3500 and with someone who is genuinely excited about taking over this trucklette. Enough so that it sounds like he might pull the ad until I say yay or nay. And all that makes me pretty excited to check it out. And hopefully drive away with it.