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Had some electrical issues a couple weeks back. the trucklet died on the way home. Conveniently close to an accident scene (no injuries) where a couple of firemen directed me into their pylon area and pushed me into their “protected” zone until the first tow truck showed up. He gave me a quick boost so I could make it down the street to park it while I waited for my wife to slalom through rush hour and pick me up. I swapped the old alternator that weekend thinking that’d do it.


Nope, turns out it was the voltage regulator. Oh well, wife picked me up again. RockAuto was pretty quick with both parts, and even with shipping was cheaper than Napa here in Calgary. I plopped the VR in today and is seems like it’s fine now. I also tightened up the oil pressure sending unit that was leaking oil. Might be warm enough to drive it to work tomorrow. It’s more fuel efficient than the Eagle.


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