Dodge Sends Special Edition Five (or Seven)-Cylinder Charger to Dealership

Photo: Clayjay15

I feel like this deserves more attention...

This is arguably one of the less-spectacular images from Sunday’s JRitS roundup, so I can’t blame anyone for overlooking it. I try to keep those posts short, I really do. But somehow I always end up with about two dozen entries.


Anyway, I’m spotlighting this one because this isn’t your everyday coolant leak. This is a NEW factory-fresh Dodge Charger, Just Rolled off the Truck. Uploader Clayjay15 confirms that it’s a Pursuit model, but doesn’t specify which engine. I think I see an AWD badge though, so I’ll hazard a guess that it’s a V6?

Minus one cylinder, that is. According to the original post:

Smokey car is was [sic] factory warranty because for some reason one piston was absent...


He doesn’t elaborate on how a missing piston resulted in steam spilling out the exhaust, but I don’t think it’s too far-fetched to imagine a piston-less con-rod rattling around and punching a hole into a water jacket. Although I would have hoped that somebody would have heard such a noise and before it managed to get this far...


What about his story about Dodge literally forgetting a piston- is that far-fetched? When asked about a “literal piston not in the hole”, he responds that he has “the picture” to prove it. Hopefully he’s not confusing it with the black R/T Scat Pack on the lift, which Just Rolled into the Shop on account of a hydrolocked engine.

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