Well it appears the Charger is about to get one more form without a doubt now. Whether it’s some fenders or a new engine remains to be seen but we know one thing from the wheel and tire combo...it’s carrying some meat so you know it’s bringing the heat. Add a four door to your cookout dreams this weekend!

Those do appear to be the Challenger Hellcat Widebody (aka Phatcat) wheels but maybe the tires look odd to me since they are worn.

However, this still doesnt look quite like the 4-door Demon that’s being hidden as a 300.


Woodward Dream Cruise has consistently had a Dodge muscle unveiling. Even with the Dodge SRT Charger Hellcat Widebody (can I please just say “Phatcat?” It takes longer to type the name than for the car to hit 60mph) there still seems to be something else being summoned up by FCA.