Welcome all to the selection thread for the first annual El Torneo de Turds!

Here you will post your pick for the worst piece of shit ever to be foisted off on to people as a car. All cars are eligible, none of that TopGear bullocks about, "the brand should have known better," a shit car is shit. People may get offended, but try not to.


-1 picture of the car

-The year(s) make and model

-A 1-3 sentence description as to why the car was such a crap-can

Let's try to limit it to 1 per person until Friday, if we still haven't reached 64 than we will eliminate the restriction.


My pick is the 2004-5 Chevrolet Classic:

Yes, this originally fleet only model was the last of the P-90 platform Malibu's which was first introduced as a 1997 MY. It was only offered with the 144 HP 2.2L Ecotech L61 inline 4 mated to the 4T40E 4-speed autotragic transmission. This car has the cheapest grades of materials known to man, it is slow, bland to look at, and on top of it all, named the Classic.


So, there you have it, what say you?