The year: 1977. John Travolta was a Sweathog, Star Wars had no Yoda. Only the Corinthian cows feared Ricardo Montalbán.

Chrysler's response to the 1974 gas crisis is ready. The Omni/ Horizon (infinite variant platform 1.0)

But first, the Dodge boys need to inform their service techs. The old days were numbered.

Usually these tech series are just a bit about how diodes keep the brake light switch from grounding with the parking brake on..

With this one they introduce the entire new world. contstant-velocity joints. Front wheel drive. Not just putting a decal on a Mitsubishi and calling it a Colt. The real deal.


As they casually introduce the VW-supplied motor, and all the devices they designed to make it less reliable. However, I'd rock that transistor coil widget if I could get it to work.