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I was at the bank yesterday opening up a credit card account and the person behind the desk was explaining to me about building credit, she used wanting a better car and taking out a car loan as an example. When she said “If you want a better car” I felt a rage inside me, like she asked if I wanted a better child.


Whenever I think of other cars like the new mustang or a classic Landy, I think I would love to own something like that. Something a bit more capable, something a bit faster, something with better handling, etc... But whenever I think of owning other cars, I can never see myself without my Ranger as well.

Maybe one day I’ll make it as an industrial designer and make a mid five figure salary, then I’ll have the money for something like a Corvette. But every time I think of what new DD I’d get once I can afford it, I just cant fathom not dailying my truck. I can see myself as a professional designer, making enough money to afford a nice car, but what I cant see myself doing is actually buying a nice car.

I love my Ranger, I catch myself staring at it for way too long. I did that on Monday after parking in the school garage and was almost late to class. Its becoming part of me.

I think I’ll end up being that guy that drives his first car around till he is forced to get rid of it. Need a new engine? Swap in a V8. Need a new transmission? Swap in a T5. As long as there is no structural rust anywhere on my truck that compromises its safety in any way, I will keep it running by any means necessary. I’m in it for the long haul and you’ll never catch me looking to replace unless I absolutely have to, and even then I wont be happy about it.


Are there more powerful, better handling and more fuel efficient vehicles out there? Of course, But none of those vehicles are my truck.

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