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Does Anybody Read Car Magazines Anymore?

I am an old dude who has subscribed to Road & Track forever, and Car and Driver off and on for nearly as long. I know readership is down but trying to get the pulse of Jalops on interest and readership.


As time has gone on I have gone from reading from cover to cover on arrival to them stacking up and having to make an effort to catch up with the reading.

There was a time when you could read the accounts of Formula One races (Senna at Monaco!) from months ago, and with no internet and cable, and very limited coverage in the US it was still news.

But it isn’t just the internet and timeliness of news that has pulled interest away. The coverage of most new vehicles just doesn’t interest me much. I realize I will never own a Ferrari or new Porsche, most anything approaching two tons or more in weight just gets skipped over.

There is also a lot more competition from more specialized publications that might focus more directly on what you enjoy. I did enjoy Hemmings Sports and Exotic a lot, but they killed that one.


But I am going to go off and read Car and Driver’s annual Lightning Lap story now.

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