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UPDATED: Does anyone daily an NB for a long commute?

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We’re going to be buying a new house soon and it’s going to double my commute time to and back home from work everyday. I currently only have a ~20 minute commute each way, with most of the time being spent on the interstate with average morning/afternoon congestion. The Crown Vic is a great car for sitting in traffic, but gas mileage is not it’s strong suit. If my commute is going to double, then I’m definitely going to need something more economical. The wife is getting a minivan with kiddo #3 on the way, and we’ll take that anywhere we have to go with the kids. So she wants me to get something small and economical to save on gas costs. In her mind, I’m sure she’s thinking a little blegh econobox. But I know I can get something cheap and economical, but still fun.


My first thought obviously was an NB Miata. I’ve come very close to purchasing one before, but at that point it was just going to be a for fun car, and the finances didn’t line up for a toy. Now though, a few years and promotions later, and as a replacement DD, it seems like the perfect fit. The only thing I don’t know is, what would it be like to commute 45 min. to an hour each way in one? I’ve taken one for a nice long winding drive with the top down on some back roads and had an absolute blast. But this will be stop/go traffic on the interstate early in the morning and late in the afternoon. I know we have many Miata owners on here, so do you any of you happen to daily yours for a significant commute time/distance? If so, is it miserable? Or is it just like any other car?

EDIT - ADDITION INFO: I live in the southeast, so I don’t have to worry about snow or ice or anything wintery at all. The only thing I have to deal with is rain.


UPDATE: No, apparently Miata is not the answer. Too many factors here that I didn’t consider. But that’s exactly why my half asleep brain made this post. I’ll be posting again with options that are more thought out and more researched to get some more real world insight. I appreciate everyone’s input here!

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