Every form of transportation I own is undeniably cool, but completely inconvenient and slightly terrible. Don’t believe me? Take a look yourself-

Starting with my lovely automobile:

Pros- First gen SE-Rs are, as far as I can tell, one of the few cars which are universally liked. And what’s not to like? It sounds like a racecar, it drives like a slow racecar, and it’s got the coolest wheels ever.

Cons- To paraphrase Jeremy Clarkson “It’s not what you’d call an everyday car, in that everyday it breaks”

My “brand new” 1984 Motobecane Grand touring-


Pros- The bike equivalent of driving a Citroen SM while sucking on a smelly French cigarette.

Cons- The wheels may as well be made of tinfoil, and trying to shift up more than one gear at a time will cause the bike to explode and result in a fiery death. And seat technology has come a long way since 1984...

And finally... my 20” Stolen (That’s the brand...) BMX


Pros- Stronger than a Hilux and lighter than a small bird. Sick tricks. Probably the quickest way through a crowded city

Cons- It does not have brakes.

I’d imagine that most people on Oppo have a similar problem, what are your awesome, horrible rides?