Mine does.

Last night, my wife and I were out of town and that was the first time my 6 has sat outside all night. Normally, it and my wife’s CX-5 stay in the garage, which has an average temperature of 50 degrees or so.


My 3 did this for the whole six years I owned it, and my 6 has done it last winter and this winter both. First real cold, and the TPMS comes on. Tires are all about 5 PSI low. All at roughly the same pressure. Just low. I air them up once and no more trouble. Until next winter, of course.

Annoyance: The car tells me a tire is low. Cool. But does it tell me WHICH tire is low? Or what their individual pressures are? Nah. My grandma’s SRX and my mother-in-law’s Town & Country both do that and it makes a hell of a lot more sense than just turning on a light. “Hey. Low tire. No idea which one. Or how low it is. But, it’s low.” *eye roll*

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