So this black beauty has been sitting at the car lot situated on a corner of the intersection I have to pass through almost every time I leave my building. It’s been there since I arrived in September. It was tucked back in a corner behind the other cars, so I could ignore it most of the time.

Now the dealer has moved it right onto the corner so it can taunt me as I sit at the light in my tiny kei rental (I still haven’t found time to really shop for a car I can afford yet.)


I’m pretty sure this is the perfect car for getting my 18 month old son around Okinawa, and for driving to ministry events; So if anyone wants to help me rescue this car so it doesn’t have to continue flaunting itself shamelessly on street corners just let me know.

Side note: for some reason car dealers in my part of Okinawa seem to focus on one color of car. This dealer almost always has only black cars on the lot, while on another block nearby the dealer only has white cars.

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