Last night, we cleaned out the lost and found at my theater. Usually the stuff gets donated, but my manager let the crew take some things that we wanted since there were so many gift cards and other things that Goodwill won’t take. Unfortunately, I was working the concession stand (the lost and found is kept in the box office) so I had the last pick and missed out on nearly everything good, although I did find a 10k gold ring (which is probably gold-filled, meaning it’s not actually solid 10k gold... but still) so I’m satisfied.
But ANYWAY, the point is I also got a Galaxy S5 battery, brand new, with an external charger so you can have a new battery charged and ready to go while still using your phone. First of all, does anyone know if the S5 uses the same battery as the S3? My mom has one of those, and I’ll give it to her if they’re interchangeable. But if not, does anyone here want it? I’ll send it your way if you pay shipping. I have no use for it, but I felt it was too good (and too illegal) to throw into the compactor.