Does anyone have any experience in registering a former military truck (i.e. deuce an a half or 5-ton)? I was interested in one of the military hummers that have been coming up for auction until I found out you couldn't register them. But in browsing the auction sites, I have run across a few other military vehicles that have struck my fancy and which are much cheaper than the Humvees. Behold the M1079:

I think it would make a badass expedition vehicle to take camping and such, but again, no point if I can't get tags on it. I've seen some deuce-and-a-halfs on the road, and there's a guy who lives near my parents who has a 5-ton but I haven't managed to track him down yet and ask him about it.

Anyone have any experience with this or know of any resources? Because if I can figure that out, the only hurdle I have left is finding a place to keep it.