5 Hours. Guy drove van up, handed me the keys, never started again. no crank, no click, nothing. Turn on the headlights and the radio and heater come on.

GAWD DAMMMM IT! it’s february in Canada, well everywhere but it’s MORE February in Canada. It was also snowing sideways. Can pull fuses and jump starter, can back feed the ignition relay underhood. Today I’m going back and pulling the driver’s seat to make this bastard start (more electrics down there.) It’s not some wierd cab-over vocational truck ( A big part of my job is doing electrical work on vehicles I’ve never heard of, sometimes they have engines and move under their own power, but are not technically vehicles)

This is not one of those situations its a chevy, a brand new one, that was running when I got it. So I must return it running. Must maintain my “Dash will bitch you out, but he knows what he’s doing” reputation.