For example, this radio for an Astra. The Astra wasn’t popular here, and we only got it for one year as a Saturn, but I know the Astra is more popular in Europe, sometimes even being the #1 car in Europe. Besides the Astra H’s weird design, perhaps installing an aftermarket radio could be an issue.

It looks good, and looks like a stock radio, but my question is, does it work good? Does the Android Auto functions work well?

The Astra is an affordable used car buy, and might be the cheapest car with a panoramic sunroof that isn’t total garbage (like the G6) and doesn’t have exploding sunroof danger (like most recent Hyundai/Kia sunroofs). The G6 has a standard radio shape, and the Hyundais already come with Android Auto from the factory.


Any other thoughts on aftermarket radios like this? Any other 4-cylinder small cars with a panoramic sunroof that get decent mpg and isn’t a piece of shit?

The A3 and Mini Cooper are out because they are awful in reliability. Subaru has some cars with a huge sunroof, but they get terrible mpg due to AWD (Subaru REALLY needs to start offering FWD again), and their head gasket issues cannot be ignored (the FWD fuse doesn’t help that much with mpg)

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