Does anyone know about sponsorship?

I don’t like asking for free stuff. I’m against all the GoFundMe car pages and the people on Facegram asking for parts in exchange for likes and shares. That being said, I race now. I campaign a Spec Miata in the NASA Midsouth region. In addition to that, I run my STi all over a couple SCCA Regions to autocross, and I’ve prepped an AW11 for rallycross.

I don’t want free stuff, but these three cars (and the tow rig) need parts, constantly. Do you just blatantly send companies e-mails, or call, or (in this golden age) facebook messsages? Do they give free parts or just discounts? I don’t want to ask for the moon.

For instance, the STi needs new coilovers or a serious rebuild. How do you propose that you’d like help to these companies? I guess I’m just worried about coming off too casual and not being taken seriously, or too formal and somebody thinks I’m full of it.

Any help would be appreciated. Or tell me


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