I have a Holley 1920 single barrel on my slant six. The bowl gasket failed, so I decided to rebuild the carb. I dipped all the metal of the carb including the metering block. Reassembled according to manual and pictures I took. Set the float level. I put it back on the car and only the accelerator pump circuit is working. I cannot get it to idle unless you pump the throttle or close the choke almost completely by hand. It creates enough vacuum to pull fuel directly through the accelerator pump. It seems the main circuit in the carb is not working. I pull the power valve out and there is plenty of fuel in the bowl. I have rebuilt it three times at this point with no change. I have a junk 1920 that I took apart to make sure the one on the car was built correctly. I don’t know that I want to spend $250 on a replacement, maybe go with a 1945 or a Carter. I have three other 1920's but they are all junk and are for California cars and mine is not.(different intake and exhaust manifold)