Neither of these are the cars Im refering to...

I remember all the fits thrown by Porsche when Aston Martin was going to call the Vantage GT12 a GT3. I remember the tantrum thrown by Ford when Tesla wanted a Model E. I remember the controversy of the Lincoln Concept seemingly taking on Bentley cues (because that isn’t something done industry wide). My question is how we ended up with a Lincoln Continental and a Bentley Continental GT?

I understand nuance in alphanumerics, thats why you can have a C300 and a 300C or a 500 and a Five Hundred. However, with “GT” being an industry wide designation, I would think many would assume the Bentley is named Continental instead of Continental GT. Could AMG have a GT Mustang since “GT” is the name of the car and “Mustang” would simple be a variant? Can I name a vehicle “Type-F” without fear of Jaguar? Can I have a car named “A6 S” as long as the actual name of the vehicle includes the S?

I know automakers put in variations of nameplates for trademarks in order to protect themselves from this type of stuff, but it still seems odd this Lincoln-Bentley situation worked out the way it did. Heritage loophole?