Hi Oppo, I am back from lurking to... sell something. Is this still acceptable? Details are below if anyone is, indeed, interested. I am hoping to find a new home for this car before heading off to college on the 11th as it will only sit through good driving weather otherwise. Sorry for the blatant advertisement; I will take it down if it’s unwanted, but I would be happier if this car were to go to someone here and perhaps an Opponaut in the D.C. area feels the same way.

I bought this Z51-package car with some C4 ownership experience in November of 2016 as a bit of a project that I hoped to at least break even on when I was finished. Of course, it didn’t turn out that way, but the responded surprisingly well to making the necessary repairs after its period of sitting for 5 years. The previous owner had replaced many gaskets, the ball joints, the steering rack, and more, but the car had been idled by a bad fuel pump and his two British cars seemed to leave no attention to be bestowed upon the poor C4. I started out by replacing the fuel pump, battery, starter, clutch master cylinder, clutch slave cylinder, clutch fluid line, motor oil, gear oil, and flushing the coolant and PS fluid. It then fired up without issue and ran nicely to my surprise. This car is not perfect after its 105k miles by any means, but could easily be a really fun driver, capable auto-x machine, or perhaps both for someone.

Towing something into my life that I have no room for

At any rate, I’ve said enough without knowing if anyone wants to hear any of it. My absolute bottom line is $2,850 given my current circumstances and I will provide more photos and details if there is demand. Thanks and sorry again if I am being greasier than Randy.

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