I’m not sure about this one. What do you think?

After a scouting mission on a US Post office, Doc starts up his Mercedes-Benz S550 (a 2014 model, according to IMCDB). But it sounds different than it did earlier in the film (0:13:21) when he started it in the parking garage. This time, it sounds eerily familiar...


I have to admit, I was so enthralled by Baby Driver that I forgot that this would be a great place to hunt for more examples of the “Wilhelm” of car starters. But somehow I caught this one, so maybe my ears are tuned well enough to not have missed any more appearances of it in the film?

Unlike previous examples of the “Crank-helm” sound effect, this car starts up right away. But the snippet we hear at 0:51:34 sounds kind of like the same one we’ve been hearing in so many other cars in so many other movies. But it’s so brief... I’m just not sure.

Do I just have a banana in my ear?

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