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Does Oppo Dream?

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I’d a dream that left me unsettled, confused, frustrated, and melancholy this morning.


I don’t understand why I had a dream about a girl I was very interested in months ago. We’d a lot in common and I felt it a good time being around her. and even though she completely “ghosted” me or just disconnected entirely and just disappeared out of my life for reasons I’ll never get to know or understand, the dream depicted us resolving whatever issue there was and deciding to date; which would’ve been admittedly a nice thing I think.

It’s no wonder I often feel better in my dreams than I do in reality. They’re just that, dreams. But they feel sooo real, especially the ones I can remember vividly like this one.  


I hate dreams like this because they come out of nowhere for seemingly no reason and they make me feel rather disappointed, and I know they can’t happen because they’re nothing more than dreams.

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