Does Oppo Greenwich Concours d' Elegance?

A solid gold spirit of ecstasy perched on top of an outrageous custom-bodied Roller.

I went in 2012 and it was incredible (photo dump of the highlights after the jump). Even the parking lot was mind blowing. The event is less than a month away, on June 2nd and 3rd. It’s a great time and you’ll see 8 figure cars that don’t come out to play anywhere else, plus all of our favorite oddball stuff like an Aston Lagonda or an original Morgan 3 wheeler.

My favorite car of the show. Wow! Just wow! It looks like something an oil baron would drive in a Tintin comic.

I would be happy to take the helm of whatever organization needs to be done via an email list or a bi weekly Oppo planning post. Any suggestions? I’m not sure how things get added to the “Oppo meet” section but that would be cool with me.

Z1 in a lovely color combo on some period-correct Hartges. Sick!

Here are the details:

- The first day is for American cars

- The second is for European stuff

- Admission is $30 per day or $50 for both days

- I recommend staying in Stamford because Greenwich is like the Monaco of the East Coast. You can find a Hilton or Marriott 20 minutes away for less than $100/night if you book ahead of time.


- You can buy tickets to print online, or at the show. I did online for the convenience.

- The event takes place on the water, a stone’s throw from RT 95 here:


Several ideas for activities/organization occur, we could totally do all of them or only a few depending on what people are interested in. This is an event that I think any East Coast enthusiast should attend at least once. I would be open to only attending the European day because the American day was a little underwhelming (didn’t even take pictures) but that is probably a reflection of my taste/the year in question more than anything else. I bet I’ll end up doing the whole weekend as a little vaca regardless, Greenwich is fun because everyone drives AMGs and M cars like they’re Camrys. Also, I will be 5 days away from taking the LSAT that weekend and very much in need of some fun.

Glorious! Even more hideous (and insanely long) in person, but that’s why its great.

Attire: I was too cool for school last time but will definitely dress up this time. Suspenders, dress shoes and pants, straw hat, the whole nine. I will wholeheartedly encourage everyone to join in the fun via making a run to Salvation Army for some tweed, but it could be wayyyy to hot for those shenanigans if you aren’t dedicated to the gag. I will be changing in and out of street clothes just for the event, can’t handle heat well! As you can see though most people are in normal clothes so that’s totally fine. Even Wayne Carini! Who I met and was totally star struck by. Very nice guy in person who had time for everyone who wanted to speak with him.

Where else will you see a Bugatti like this? Nowhere! Except for Monteray.

Of course, we would all (ideally) arrive in fun cars and maybe go for a cruise together before or after the event on one or both of the days (not that you can’t join in whatever you drive! This will not be a fast drive, gotta keep it slow in those areas). Its a small show so we won’t be there for a super long time each day. Plenty of opportunity for Oppo Northeast fam shenanigans which were absolutely hilarious at last years rally (thanks Dusty!).

Very early Auto Union. Thirties I think.

And what do you do with your internet friends after a long, hot day in the sun? DRINKING! Except not for me, I went through a long period of too much of that to put it politely so I abstain these days. We should totally hang out at a bar or restaurant (again, probably not right in in Greenwich center to keep things reasonably priced) though if that appeals. At the very least lunch after the event would definitely be in order.

I have no idea what these are. The 2012 theme was “hybrids” - Italin design, American V8s!

Official site:


This is what heaven looks like.

Even if you don’t want to pay for the show or rent a hotel, but you live close enough to the area for a day trip, you should totally come just to hang out in the parking lot! (Just PLEASE park in the town center and walk, the lot isn’t big enough for all the visitors so parking without going to the show is deeply uncool.) The lot is larger and arguably just as fun as the event. You can actually talk to the owners, get real close to the cars, and gawk at the interiors without the interference of ropes. I spent over a two hours just walking around, talking to fellow nerds, and snapping once in a lifetime pictures. People treat it like a car show and drive cars to the event that could easily be on display on the lawn.

Yes, it’s real! THIS. IS. GREENWICH.
2012 was my E24 daily driver era. Long live the 6! I’ll always miss you... it was so good at making parking lot friends. Lovely E34 wagon in this case.
This Daytona was sandwiched between a bunch of Harleys. Hilarious!
“Show and display” permit!
Fun pair!
And again!
And another!
That paint!!
Dat full width reflector...
Nineties Conti R! Never seen one before or since.

Are you convinced yet!? Because you should be. Feel free to shoot an email to northeastdrives @ gmail - the address I used for coordinating day trips with Boston people - and I’ll get a list going just for Opponauts who are considering attending this event. The first round will be sent out this evening to get a sense of the initial interest level, ask a few questions, and confirm our numbers.


Mods: please advise re: moving this to the Oppo meets section if you think that’d be appropriate/best practices re: bumping this post so I don’t spam. I’m hoping 2x per week for the next month would be ok?

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