Most people that know me know that I either am a car fanatic or a guitar hoarder. Both of these statements would be correct.

I’ve been playing guitar since age 6 and have amassed a collection over my 12 years of what my mother would call “too damn many.”

Cars and guitars are my thing, and while I’ve talked plenty about my car obsession, here’s a peek into my other passion.

The latest acquisition.


Here’s a car! My Les Paul Junior being transported home in my Merkur XR4Ti.


2015 Gibson Les Paul Junior. Tone for days.

Taylor acoustic.


Epiphone WildKat. 10/10 best name ever.

These 3 were all made by my father and myself.


Epiphone Nighthawk next to my DBZ Imperial which was just recently sold.

1960’s Teisco hence my original name on here.


Homemade Telecaster.

The years of “Fat Matt”


When I first started playing age 6.

Partial family picture. I will have a complete picture one day mark my words.