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Does OPPO into EDM Sets / Mixtapes?

Do any of you use Fruity Loops/Protools/Etc. to make your own mixtapes/remixes? I used to mess around in FL many moons ago but that was mostly original D&B tracks or tracks to test specific frequencies of various sound setups.

Like any self-respecting millennial, I listen to a multitude of EDM styles. I generally prefer listening to entire live sets because every track is hand selected and positioned in the set to work with everything else. There is (usually) nice continuity and the tracks flow together.

This got me thinking. I have very basic experience in FL and I used to DJ in HS/College for a bit of extra cash. I am super particular about track placement so I feel like I could put a mix together that I would enjoy. I’m not looking to headline Tomorrowland or anything, I just want to make a few mixes that I would enjoy listening to at the office, on a road trip, or just cleaning at home. It’s also been a slightly boring month with the cold, dark nights (for socal) and the car being in the shop. I feel like I need a project to hold me over for the winter.

With all that out of the way, I have a few questions for you excellent people.

1) What software do you use to make beats, splice tracks, and make mixes?

2) What hardware would you recommend? I’m not looking to record anything so I won’t need a studio mic or sound room. I have a pretty high-power laptop used for 3D modeling running Windows 7 Pro. It has a workstation graphics card. I’m not sure if that is geared towards this type of thing but I guess I’ll find out


3) How would you source songs you want to cut and screw? Does iTunes let you export in a standard format? Should I Buy CDs (is that still a thing)? Other downloading service? I’ve been streaming music for too long and I don’t know what the kids are doing these days.

4) Do you think this is worth the time and effort? I’m not very musically inclined but can usually fumble into something I enjoy.


Picture to make this car related:

$kay bait for your time

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