I must say, I love maps.

I’m not a very artistic person, but I thought it would be awesome to have a 8x5 map of Ontario nailed to my office wall.

Materials used include:

- Duct Tape

- Packing Tape

- 8 Pieces of bristol board

- 3 glue sticks

- a small paper slicer thing for straight cuts

- about 70 letter-sized pieces of paper, maps were courtesy of the Ministry of Transportation, in over a dozen separate vectored PDFs!


The toughest part about this project was trying to hang it without damaging it, since it’s a giant pile of glue and paper. (and convincing my better half that this was a great idea)

Now I can stare at it all day and plan the epic road trips I want to have when the summer hits. Next up, I’ll have to teach myself how to prepare a virtually untested, history unknown, Miata for a 1500km 3000km drive.(Can’t forget the return trip!)