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I am looking for a very casual mobile game for my iPhone that involves getting to tune or build things and then have them drive or battle in the background.


I have enjoyed the hell out of NFS Heat Studio. Getting to mod and paint cars is loads of fun. But games like FR Legends aren’t fun at all as I am hopeless at playing active games on my phone. I have an Xbox to get my driving fix.

The idea of something like Command and Conquer sounds appealing, but I also recall there being an important active participation side to that kind of game and I need something I can put down without notice and not lose progress or be penalized for leaving it on pause. I also cannot rely of audio for cues. So it will need to be played in silence almost entirely.

Joining a clan, guild, etc is also out as I don’t care to spend much, if any, money beyond the barest amount to play. This is just something to do while I wait for something to do at work.

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