Hey guys! I know we have some fellow nerds on here, so I figured I’d ask. I’m wanting to set up a personal automatic syncing “cloud” (yay buzzwords!) on my home network to automagically backup from mine and my wife’s phones, tablets, and laptops. More for data redundancy than anything else, saving photos of the kids, etc.

I’ve been searching around, and found a lot of options, such as OwnCloud, or GoodSync, among others, but I have no experience with any of them. A couple of caveats, I need the service to offer separate user accounts. This is not to hide anything, but my wife wants unimpeded access to the 250000 photos of our kids, without my 2500 pictures of random cars, car parts, and my various impressive injuries getting in the way.

I also need it to be multi-platform, since I have Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and android devices that I’d like automatically backed up. The two I mentioned both have device apps and multi-OS access, but I can’t seem to see if the multi-user situation applies.

Anyone have any thoughts on what I can do here? I have a computer that I can dedicate to this (It’s also my Plex server) or a couple Raspberry Pi’s or what not.


Edit: There seems to be some confusion about what a personal cloud is. It’s literally a computer with drives that sits in my house, potentially under my mattress, behind a firewall, that does backups and copies on drives that are in my house, potentially labeled pickle jar, that is not somewhere on the internets. Backups are done through the local LAN when devices return to the home, potentially on top of said couch earlier mentioned.