Update: I bought it. Have to get it home now. Ebay auction, I paid more than I really thought it should have gone for, but I think I can get the money out of it if I wanted...just not to Carmax.

Here’s the deal. I have 2 teens (1 girl, 1 boy) that I don’t want to become typical Americans in that they will be unable to drive a stick. I’ll admit, I’m not much for handling a manual myself, but I can do it. To this end, I’m thinking of picking up this Corolla this weekend as a gas-saving 3rd car (I drive an SUV most days) and for a teen car to learn driving with.


I drove it today and it’s kinda fun, owing to the manual, and I’ve told myself that if the kids destroy it, then its no huge loss.

So, Oppo’s. What do you thing of a manual econobox? Good choice for a teen car or keep looking?

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