The Morning Shift post this morning got me thinking something regarding auto loans that I’m not sure makes sense to anyone but me. I’ve always though the system of how auto loans are ( or loans tied to anything that depreciates in value) is bogus because of the simple fact that there are so many factors to be taken into account. Like catastrophic break downs or something else. I’ve always thought that the loans should be tied into the car or whatever itself. That way as the value of your car goes down so do your payments. Doesn’t make sense you take out a 33k loan on a car that’s worth 33, but then 5 years later your paying you’re still making payments like what you borrowed for is still worth that much. And yes I realize that your making payments on what you borrowed not on the vehicle itself, it would just make more sense to me if it was set up where you made payments on the vehicle itself and not the loan. Does this make sens to anyone? Or could it work?