This ad seems a bit off to me and I was wondering if it does to anyone else. For one the location just says united states, I googled the number and saw where the guy had sold another vehicle to find the location. Even if I wanted to email him to discover the location it says no email. The guy is also selling it on the internet and will not accept that “Paypal crap.” What strikes me as odd about that is that he wants payed within 12 hour of the end of the auction, standard for eBay is 24 hours, and the auction ends at 9:48pm on a tuesday night. I don’t know about anyone else but I find it hard to pay someone on such short notice cash in hand at some place that I’m not sure is correct or not. Please tell me this seems sketchy to you guys.

Update: I found the Craigslist post for it too

I am not interested in buying it but I’m still interested in your opinions.