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Does this software exist?

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I’ve got a bunch of various USB controllers, like the Red Rover (above), a DJ controller, and other miscellaneous similar things that I’d like to repurpose. Is there any software out there that will read the output from these things and let me easily use them in other programs? Something like the above device might be good for something like Train Simulator, provided I could somehow get the output of those knobs converted into keystrokes. Microsoft Flight Simulator would also be a good candidate for such a conversion.


In the past I’ve made custom controllers using the guts of other controllers, once even turning an old lighting control board into sort of a throttle quadrant for four-engined piston aircraft (4 throttles, 4 mixture controls, 4 prop controls). Reusing these old USB devices seems like a quick and easy way, provided I can find appropriate 3rd party software. Or should I just say ‘screw it’ and go for something like an Arduino?

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